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Still Looking for the Magic Pill

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Business owners are constantly bombarded with marketing messages from companies in our industry:

“#1 Google Rankings Guaranteed!”
“5000 Facebook Followers in a Week!”
“Get Rid of Negative Reviews!”

Yelp released a PSA to their business owners warning of reputation management companies who claim to work with Yelp to perform services such as removing negative reviews, boost ratings, etc.   We get these same SPAM emails, and we also get phone calls from people claiming to be with Google.  Not because they really think we need their help, but because they are blanketing the world with their scams in hopes to find those consumers still looking for the magic pill to solve all their marketing pains.  Think about your marketing solutions like this:  Remember those burn-fat-at-nite pills didn’t work for you, but exercise and a smart diet did?  Your marketing solutions are going to present themselves in the exact same way.  Fads will waste your time and money, but dedication and strategic planning will begin to solve your daily business challenges.

The content of the Yelp PSA is below for your reading enjoyment:yelp

Important Public Service Announcement
Darnell Holloway, Business Outreach

We’ve recently seen several new reports about “reputation management” companies that claim to work with Yelp to remove your negative reviews, recommend certain reviews, or otherwise boost your ratings for a fee (of course!). If you’re wondering how these companies can make good on this offer, the answer is simple: they can’t. Consumer trust is our top concern, so businesses can’t pay Yelp or any third party to alter or remove their reviews. It’s also worth noting that brazen attempts to manipulate ratings and reviews on Yelp could result in a Consumer Alert being placed on your business profile.

If you’ve been contacted by someone offering something along these lines, we’d love to get the details so we can prevent them from preying on others. Please use this form to loop us in. For general questions, contact our user support team at

Finally, as we’ve said in the past, the best strategy for reputation management is to provide great customer service and respond diplomatically to your reviewers.

Buying Facebook Likes Is Bad

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

I love spam.  Not in the sense of actually loving it because really I HATE it.  (I’m using the word “hate” here, as Melvin Udall said.)  But I love it because it gives me so many topics to blog about and show our clients why the crap people are selling you on the internet is just that:  Crap. 

Take the spam message we received on our Facebook company page (see image below.)  People are still selling Facebook Likes, which means people are still buying them.  If consumers would wise up and stop buying this guff do you know how much spam would instantly go away?!  As long as there’s money to be made these people will still continue to fill your inbox with spam!buy-facebook-likes

So why is buying Facebook Likes bad for your company and your Facebook page?

The Likers will never buy from you and will never be loyal to your brand
If the new Likes are generated by real people, those people are likely located in third world countries and made a nickel or a dime to Like your Facebook page.  They will never purchase anything from you, never have anything constructive to contribute to your Facebook page, and will never share your brand with a potential customer.  Even worse, the Like may have been generated by a bot, and as far as I know bots don’t have any buying power yet. (Yet.)

You won’t have those Likers for long
In 2012 Facebook announced they were taking extensive steps to weed out fake accounts and fake Likes.  The process is automated of course, so not only have companies seen fake Likes go away, they’ve also seen some legit ones scrubbed too.

Your Facebook page will still look like a ghost town
If your Likes are fake, people aren’t going to comment on and share your content.  When people comment on and share your content it helps to boost your message and get it in front of more people, and also helps your SEO.  

Facebook Promotions to fake Likers
If you plan on promoting your posts you’re going to pay to promote those posts to fake Likers.  Talk about throwing good money after bad!!

So just like absolutely everything else in the internet marketing industry, shortcuts will yield you fake short-term gains and absolutely no long-term payoff.  If a company is selling you tricks and sleight of hand it’s not because they care about your company, it’s because they are trying to make money off of you.  Any solid marketing company will be up front with you that marketing is honest, hard work and as long as you own your company you must be actively and effectively marketing if you want to thrive and grow.  It’s not as easy to sell that message but it’s just the way it is.