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The Internet is Dead!

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

In the headline-driven web and the bumper sticker world in which we live, misinformation is all around us.  Bloggers and news websites write candy-coated headlines to try to entice the all-important click to their website, and information consumers are so inundated with noise they don’t take the time to truly read any longer.  In the olden days (oh yeah I’m feeling old now) people would read the newspaper front to back.  It was their  daily source of written media and they would take the time to read it cover to cover.   Now we glance at our social media and blog feeds and scroll past tens and hundreds of messages per day all competing for our attention. peace

As such bloggers and news sites have to write headlines that make you stop and click.  You’ll see things like “The Internet is Dead” and other bold headlines that make you go hmmm.  But then if you actually click through and read the story you’ll find toward the end of the story the writer may say something like, “So the internet isn’t REALLY dead, but…” and spin the story to fit the headline.  Sometimes I get mad when I actually get to the point of the story because I feel like I was duped into reading something that wasn’t really about the topic I thought it was in the first place.  Kind of like people who saw my title, “The Internet is Dead” and thought it may be some thought-provoking article from an internet marketing company about how our industry is dying.  (Sorry folks, but the internet is here to stay so you’d better learn how to leverage it for your business.)

Unfortunately these misleading headlines make it extremely difficult for information consumers to sort through the noise and make judgements as to whether the information they scan is accurate.  If our technology channels are molding a “scanning culture” I wonder how our children will fare in processing and learning new information?  People like me who grew up in the old-style media and is immersed in the new media understands what has happened.  That’s why when I see a ridiculous headline I immediately put my Skeptical Hat on and look for the angle in the story (after I actually read the whole story!)   If children grow up scanning and not fully reading, vetting and comprehending, what will they actually learn?  Does it change HOW they learn?  That’s for people smarter than me to figure out, but I am smart enough to know we’re doing our kids a disservice if we don’t teach them how to navigate this crazy world we’ve created for them.

Don’t Be Ugly

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Over the past several months I’ve been unhappy about the new Facebook review feature they added, and many of my sentiments were outlined in this article released by ZDNet yesterday.  After having my feelings validated, I decided to write an article about our own experience with Facebook reviews.facebook-reviews

What has amazed me over the past several months is that some of our competitors felt the need to go on our Facebook page and give us poor reviews to drive down our overall review score.  What’s funny is they didn’t check their settings to hide their identities when they posted their reviews.  That means other people can see they are going on their competitors’ Facebook pages and leaving bad reviews. 

I wonder how that makes them look in the eyes of their customers?

Because I have built many trust relationships over the years, some of the things our competitors have said about our company have gotten back to me.  Everything from “I heard they’re going out of business soon” to “they don’t use HTML5″.  These are tactics we never have used and never will use against our competitors.  Our staff have been trained that we never ‘bash the competition’.  Potential clients often ask the question, “tell me something bad about your competitors”.  Our staff are trained to reply with value statements about our company instead. 

Treat people the way you want to be treated.  Honesty is the best policy.  You get the same karma you give.

It’s my opinion that being ugly never pays off.  But I suppose in retrospect it is a high compliment to know our competitors are thinking about us and feel the need to attack us.  It must mean we’re doing something right.