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Facebook “Nearby Friends” Setting

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Every so often I check my Facebook settings to make sure they didn’t surreptitiously change my privacy settings.  Last night I checked my “Nearby Friends” setting to make sure I’m not sharing my current location to hundreds of people I don’t really know.  It was turned off.  Good! 

Except, wait a minute…  Near the bottom of the screen was a message that said: “100 friends are sharing their location with you” with thumbnails of a few friend’s profile pictures.    Looking at the profile pictures I instantly recognized many of them.  Some are likely sharing their location on purpose.  Some I’m pretty sure are unknowingly sharing their location.  If you want to double check your Nearby Friends setting read on.

Follow the instructions below to turn Nearby Friends on or off on an iPhone or Android (Android displayed below but instructions are the same):
1.  Tap More 

Facebook Home

2.  Tap Nearby Friends

Nearby Friends

3.  Tap 


4.  In the Nearby Friends section slide to Off


If you do want to share your location but only with a select group of friends, you’ll need to log into Facebook on your laptop or desktop to create a custom Friends group.  Follow the instructions below:

1.  Go to your News Feed (easiest way to get there is to click on the Home button near the top right.) 

Facebook News Feed

2.  Go the Friends section in the left column and hover your mouse over the word Friends.  A “More” option will pop up; click on it. 


3.  You will now see your current Lists.  You can either assign friends to an existing list that you want to use for Nearby Friends, or click on “Create List” to make a new one that you will use exclusively for this purpose.

Facebook Custom List

4.  Now you can go to your phone, select the list you just created, and turn on Nearby Friends to share your location with that list of Friends.

Turn On Nearby Friends

There you go!  You now know how to turn off Facebook Nearby Friends or at least use it more responsibly. 

Good luck!

Still Looking for the Magic Pill

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Business owners are constantly bombarded with marketing messages from companies in our industry:

“#1 Google Rankings Guaranteed!”
“5000 Facebook Followers in a Week!”
“Get Rid of Negative Reviews!”

Yelp released a PSA to their business owners warning of reputation management companies who claim to work with Yelp to perform services such as removing negative reviews, boost ratings, etc.   We get these same SPAM emails, and we also get phone calls from people claiming to be with Google.  Not because they really think we need their help, but because they are blanketing the world with their scams in hopes to find those consumers still looking for the magic pill to solve all their marketing pains.  Think about your marketing solutions like this:  Remember those burn-fat-at-nite pills didn’t work for you, but exercise and a smart diet did?  Your marketing solutions are going to present themselves in the exact same way.  Fads will waste your time and money, but dedication and strategic planning will begin to solve your daily business challenges.

The content of the Yelp PSA is below for your reading enjoyment:yelp

Important Public Service Announcement
Darnell Holloway, Business Outreach

We’ve recently seen several new reports about “reputation management” companies that claim to work with Yelp to remove your negative reviews, recommend certain reviews, or otherwise boost your ratings for a fee (of course!). If you’re wondering how these companies can make good on this offer, the answer is simple: they can’t. Consumer trust is our top concern, so businesses can’t pay Yelp or any third party to alter or remove their reviews. It’s also worth noting that brazen attempts to manipulate ratings and reviews on Yelp could result in a Consumer Alert being placed on your business profile.

If you’ve been contacted by someone offering something along these lines, we’d love to get the details so we can prevent them from preying on others. Please use this form to loop us in. For general questions, contact our user support team at

Finally, as we’ve said in the past, the best strategy for reputation management is to provide great customer service and respond diplomatically to your reviewers.