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Why Flash is Bad for Business Websites

Friday, August 9th, 2019

adobe is badAdobe Flash had a great run. It was the most popular way to insert animations, games, videos, and other rich features into a website for a significant part of the Internet’s existence. For a substantial amount of time, it was the only option website creators had to create a dynamic, visually pleasing website. However, that time has passed. Adobe Flash is bad for not only websites but business. So what brought us here? What are the causes of Flash’s fall from grace? Webtivity Marketing & Design will delve into the myriad of reasons why Flash is bad for business.

Adobe Flash’s Background

The now deprecated Adobe Flash produced rich media internet applications such as mobile games, mobile applications, animations, audio, and even video applications. The main difference between Flash and its predecessors was the ability of the user to interact with the animations. Website visitors could click, type, and manipulate the Flash window creating an amalgam of results that drew users into the website. That level of interactivity was previously unknown to the World Wide Web that led it to be one of the most popular applications to include in a website.

Why Flash is Bad for Business

Flash has been on the decline for years now. Alternatives such as HTML5, WebGL, and Web Assembly have been the go-to methods for animating content for going on a decade now. Major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer have not been loading Flash applications automatically for years! It is known for causing an innumerable amount of security flaws that place users at risk of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous websites. Search engines now penalize you for having flash applications, mobile devices can now barely load it, and most mobile devices have done away with it completely. Flash is now outdated to the point where Google Chrome will now no longer load it starting in 2020 regardless of user preference.

Flash is Bad for Business, But Now What?

It’s time to update your website if you still have Flash applications on it. You are losing rankings against your competitors in search engines by the minute. You’re losing business from users who visit your website and run into the error you see below. Would you do business with a business whose website presents you that error? Most importantly, are you going to go through all of those actions just to see the rest of the website?








The Bad Flash Solution

An updated website does NOT have to break the bank. Thanks to Webtivity’s revamped website design packages, you can now have the best of both worlds: a brand new website, at an affordable price.

Reach out to Tim at (941) 753-7574 or send us a quick message for a swift rundown of your options.

Digital Marketing Trends

Monday, July 29th, 2019

What digital marketing trends are going to work for your small business? Each year there are new tips and tricks designed to help your business flourish. Here are some of the most effective digital marketing trends right now. Which ones will keep you ahead of the competition?

Digital Marketing Trends

Voice Search

All of your marketing should be optimized for voice search. With devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, iPhone’s Siri, and Google search, people are searching more with their voice than they are with their keypads. This makes optimizing your SEO towards voice search more important.

Guest Blog Posts

Blogging is very important for your website. It adds fresh content, which search engines LOVE. Guest blogging is a great way to get your content on other websites, spreading your reach even further! Not only does it spread your reach, it adds credibility to your website! One important thing though, before you decide to offer to submit a guest blog post, submit it to a website with a higher domain authority than yours.

Social Media Messengers

Using social media messengers is a great way to target new customers, it’s also a wonderful way to interact with current customers AND save money at the same time. The amount of active users on messenger apps and on social media apps are the same, and with people spending more time on social media, a social media marketing campaign could be more effective than an email marketing campaign.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Chatbots

With AI becoming smarter by the day, it makes sense to use AI and Chatbots in our marketing campaigns. AI can learn so much about a target audience, consumer behavior, and it can collect data from several different social media platforms. With all this information, campaigns can be sent out with content users want to see.

These are just a few of the trends that are hot right now. See more digital marketing trends in this article.