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Last Touch Attribution

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Much to the chagrin of online retailers, customers typically do not make a purchase the first time they are on your website.  (That would be too easy, right??)  More importantly, customers who buy from your online store typically do not arrive on your website from the same traffic source every time.  To emphasize this point, think about your own online buying behavior.  If you’re thinking of making a purchase you may start out doing a few Google searches to see what’s out there.  Then you may talk to a few friends to see what they know about the product.  They you may do some more refined Google searches based on what you’ve learned so far.  At this point you may find a few websites that sell the product and look reputable.  Maybe you sign up for their email alerts to see if you can get a discount code or special deal.  You receive a few promotional emails over the next few days or weeks and click through to the website a time or two but still don’t purchase.  Perhaps you ‘Like’ their Facebook page to see if they are posting about any special promotions.  Then maybe you talk to your friends some more.  Then you do some research on the frontrunner companies to make sure they are reputable companies before you give them your credit card information.  You do a few more Google  searches to comparison shop.  During one of those searches you see a Google Ad that catches your eye and you click on that ad.  At this point you are in the buying mood and you decide to follow through with the purchase.

So in that sequence of events, which part of that process was the most important for the retailer?  Unfortunately many retailers don’t know all this activity happened because they don’t have the right tools deployed on their website.  If you use ecommerce tracking on your website you would know the purchase path described above contained organic search, email clickthroughs, social media clickthroughs, (those are called “assisted conversions”) and finally a PayPerClick ad closed the deal (this is the “last touch” attribute.)  Some retailers have started to focus on the last touch attribute, assuming that is the most important part of their strategy because it was the one that closed the sale.  Some have started to prematurely cut budgets on other funnels because they aren’t showing up as the last touch attribute often enough. 

But I would argue the truth is that every part of that decision-making chain is equally important, and if you removed one of those links in the buying chain it is highly likely the purchase may not have taken place.  If one of your competitors touched that customer with their social media or email message during the decision making process it’s probable you would have lost that sale.  So while it’s important to understand how each of your traffic funnels are performing and always try to optimize each funnel, it is short-sighted to assume because a funnel isn’t sealing the deal as often as others that it is less important in the process.



eCommerce Website Launched for Vapin Lizards

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

When Barbara, Cheryl and Sandy approached Webtivity, their story was the same as many others who come to us for help.  They had hired a company who promised to develop an attractive, functional ecommerce website they could proudly market to build their business, but after months of frustration and no functional site, gave up and sought help elsewhere. This happened to them twice until finding Webtivity.  Since their SunShop Shopping Cart was already in place, we picked up the project where the previous companies left off and first focused on the design.  After refining their company logo, work started on the new template design.  Direction was given to start working on product photos and descriptions while the rest of the project was underway.  Ideas and strategies were exchanged through development to begin the long process of positioning the product, getting the website found once launched, and beginning a long-term marketing campaign.

Fortunately the partners at Vapin Lizards had a well thought out Business Plan in the first place, which makes marketing their products a little easier.  For example, their eLiquids use no fillers or additives, are USA tested, and USA made and bottled.  Only the highest quality food-grade flavors from companies like LorAnn Oils® and Capella Flavor Drops® are used.  Vapin Lizards also has unique DIY kits where customers can create unique and flavorful eliquids to their own tastes without having to dilute concentrated nicotine solutions.  This means the possibilities are safe, endless and tailored to everyone’s taste buds!

Corporations have already approached Vapin Lizards to supply their employees with vaping products to reduce smoking and promote a healthier workplace.  Keep an eye on this lounge of lizards, you’re about to see a lot more of them!

To learn more about Vapin Lizards visit their website: