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Heartbreak Hotline Ready To Listen

May 9th, 2012 by Troy Newport

New Website Launched by Webtivity Designs

In a world full of complicated relationships, job stress and financial stress, sometimes we just need to talk to someone.  But talking to friends or family can sometimes be risky.  We risk being judged, or having those words “I told you so” thrown at us.  Heartbreak Hotline is a new web-based business that offers a trained, non-judgmental ear “when you just need to talk”.

Heartbreak Hotline operates 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and connects callers to experienced coaches who will listen with empathy and understanding for any range of problems.  Besides the phone service Heartbreak Hotline will actively blog and participate in social media, offering insight and commentary on celebrity relationship news and other high profile national conversations.

When asked about the inspiration for her new venture, Heartbreak Hotline President Leslie Joyce said, “In an age where we are so connected by the digital world, there are many out there who feel isolated and alone.  We tweet, text and Facebook each other all day long, but it seems like we don’t have real personal connections any longer.  My hope is this will be a resource for men and women of any age who just need an anonymous outlet to get some things off their chest and get a fresh perspective.”

You can find Heartbreak Hotline online at

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