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Webtivity Opens Satellite Office in St. Petersburg Florida

April 2nd, 2014 by Troy Newport

The last fourteen years have been exciting and rewarding for Webtivity, and the world has changed immensely around us over the years.  Our company started in a small location in central Bradenton in 1999 and was originally founded to provide computer education services for business owners.  Because word was spreading rapidly at the time that businesses needed to start worrying about building these things called “websites” our staff were asked if that was a service we could provide.  And so began the first evolution of Webtivity. 

Over time we added design and programming staff to meet market demands as businesses wanted to add more functionality to their websites.  As the web became more crowded and something called “Google” became important, we began educating business owners on the importance of Search Engine Optimization.  Then “social media” happened, and over time the major search engines started paying attention to social sites for ranking factors. In between this explosion of internet technology the world experienced the tech bubble, the first iPod, the eruption of smartphones, and the widespread adoption of video across the web. webtivity-marketing-design

As technology and the internet has evolved so has Webtivity.   But what we’ve never changed is our mission to provide excellent customer service, to never promise things we can’t deliver, and to always recommend solutions that are in our clients’ best interest.  Unfortunately for our industry as a whole there are few companies that operate that way, but fortunately for us it has been one of our great differentiators.   As our reputation has grown we have built a portfolio of customers around the greater Tampa Bay area, and over time we have continued to hear from our clients to the north that there are few good choices for internet marketing companies. 

That is why we are pleased to announce we have opened a satellite location in St. Petersburg, FL.  The new office space is located at 3021 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, FL 33713 in the Grand Central District, which received the Main Street community designation in 2001 by both the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Florida Main Street program.   Our new office will allow us to better serve our clients in Pinellas County and we are excited we were able to secure office space in the growing District on Central Avenue near downtown St. Pete.

Webtivity has also made a brand transition to better reflect the services we’ve been offering our clients over the years.  Webtivity Design Solutions has been transitioned to Webtivity Marketing & Design.  Or you can simply call us what our friends have always called us: Webtivity.

So as we continue to grow and evolve, one thing that will always stay the same:  our mission will continue to be to provide excellent customer service, to never promise things we can’t deliver, and to always recommend solutions that are in our clients’ best interest.  Thank you to all our clients and strategic partners who have been with us all these years!

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