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Keep Your Computer Up to Date

February 9th, 2011 by Troy Newport

Your Security is at Risk!

Your computer and network are very similar to your car.  To keep it running properly and safely, you have to make sure it is maintained.  At the basic level you should at least be sure you keep your Operating System (e.g., Windows), web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) and Internet Security software (e.g., Norton) up to date.   Keeping your computer up to date improves your online experience by allowing you to take advantage of the latest technology advancements, but also keeps your online experience safe.

There is a constant battle between hackers and software vendors.  Hackers constantly find vulnerabilities in software, and software vendors are constantly fixing those vulnerabilities.  It is up to you to make those updates to your computer so you keep your personal data and your customer’s data safe! This is why PCI Compliance has become such a hot topic over the past few years.

It baffles us when we hear that multi-billion dollar corporations are still using Internet Explorer 6 and can’t upgrade it because their internal software won’t run in newer browser versions.  IE6 was originally released in 2001 and full of vulnerabilties, which puts these corporations and their customers all at risk.  It is truly a ticking time bomb and it is only a matter of time until we are all affected by the lack of investment in technical infrastructure.

To help our audience stay abreast of the latest security releases for popular software, we will make announcements on our Facebook page with a link to the updates.  If you don’t know how to update your computer you should learn– or if you have an IT person make sure he or she is keeping your computer up to date!

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