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SEO Best Practice – An Overview

November 17th, 2010 by Troy Newport

So what is SEO?

Over the past few months we have talked about many of the title in the SEO industry and things to watch out for when hiring a company to help position your website in the major search engines. Now we would like to shift gears and talk about all the things that must be a part of your SEO campaign to be successful.

There are two primary factors to consider when determining how the search engines rank your website: things that occur on your website (on-page SEO) and things that occur outside of your website (off-page SEO.)

On-page SEO consists of some of the following:

– proper competitor reconnaissance (you need to know why your competitors are ranked above you before you can determine the best strategy to overtake them)

– domain age (how long a website has existed at your web address– search engines prefer websites with history behind them)

– your website architecture (if it was developed to current search engine standards)

– your text (if your keywords and phrases appear in the content)

– HTML enhancements (using HTML to emphasize important elements to the search engines)

– proper keyword research (targeting keywords and phrases that are popular will provide better targeted traffic to your website)

– frequent updates (search engines treat new information as better information)

Off-page SEO consists of some of the following:

– the number of websites and social media sites that link to you

– how much the search engines “trust” the websites that link to you

– how those websites link to you

– your presence in popular business listing sites such as Google Places

You should see that in order to operate a smart campaign you obviously need to have some in depth knowledge of how your website, the Internet, the search engines and your competitors’ websites all interact.   This takes a lot of research, experience and time.  And on top of that your competitors are constantly adjusting their strategies, and the search engines are constantly changing the rules of the game.   That is why reputable search engine optimization services aren’t cheap and are a long-term proposition.  That is also why we have invested in industry-leading software that helps us analyze our clients’ websites and their competitors’ websites so we can find gaps in their competitors’ strategies and capitalize on them.

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