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Tips: Zoom Shortcut

November 16th, 2009 by Troy Newport

How did you learn to use the computer?
If like most, you learned on your own picking up things here and there. Well there are many shortcuts or tips to make your computer and internet experience easier and safer.
So here is one tip for you: Text on a page too small and hard to read?
Hold down key and hit the <+> key to zoom in.
Use <-> to zoom out.
Use <0> to return to your normal setting.
Works well with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Adobe Reader. For Internet Explorer, when I tried it the <+> & <-> worked, but not the <0>. Try it with your browser or program. For those of us over 40, no more cleaning nose prints off our monitor!
Got a favorite computer, internet, or other tip. Please share it with us!

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