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Consolidated Resource Recovery Launches New Website

October 2nd, 2012 by Troy Newport

Proven leaders in land clearing and yard waste recycling

Consolidated Resource Recovery (CRR) has launched a new website design with the assistance of Webtivity Design Solutions.  CRR provides land clearing and wood waste recycling services for private developers, contractors, transportation providers, government agencies, and the Department of Transportation.

CRR helps contractors and project managers meet cost and schedule constraints for commercial land clearing and recycling project, as their large fleet of tub grinders, track horizontal grinders, and other heavy equipment get the job done fast and right for their clients.

Their municipal yard waste management services help cities and counties across Florida stay clean and green.  CRR performs these services on the job sites or at one of their locations, as they intake, grind, screen, and recycle yard waste into usable, Eco-friendly soils, mulches, biomass fuels, and landfill cover amendments.

CRR offers three convenient yard waste recycling facilities in Sarasota/Bradenton, Pinellas Park and Tampa, where they annually process and recycle hundreds of thousands of tons of wood and yard waste.

 For more information on Consolidated Resource Recovery please visit their website:



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