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Holiday Marketing Campaign

December 13th, 2016 by Janvier Nshimyumuremy

Holiday Marketing Campaign.

During the holidays businesses tend to run a milliard of different promotions. When the year is almost over people spend more than compared to other times of the year. Christmas, arguably the biggest holiday of the year, is right around the corner, as a business you should be running different types of marketing campaigns to take advantage of this temporary increase in spending.

At Webtivity, we can help you figure out which type of marketing best fits your business and would bring you the kind of results you desire. Here are some examples of different types of promotions you can run during holidays.

  1. Make sure you have a website to drive your customer to, having a website makes a huge difference to a customer’s buying decisions. If you have a website, it must be attractive to customers and mobile friendly because, in this era, everything is done on cell phones.
  1. Social Media: If you are trying to promote your business during holidays, you need to be active on social media which allows you to connect with a lot of different potential customers. Using social media can also help you to create attractive ads for your business that are easy to share. This makes it easy for anyone who likes your promotions and ads to share them with their friends. Therefore gaining your business some much needed exposure.
  1. Advertise ahead of the holiday. This allows you to promote your business and to allow people to get to know your services before the holidays. In case they need your services during the holidays they are more likely to use a business whose offerings they are familiar.
  1. Content: Make sure your website has great content, you do not want to drive customers to a website that does not have good content or is attractive enough to turn them into a client.


Webtivity Marketing & Designs would like to wish you and your family happy holidays!

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