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Why Online Marketing is Necessary for Business.

October 11th, 2016 by Janvier Nshimyumuremy

Why Digital Marketing is Necessary for Business.

In the digital marketing field, we are experiencing a change in the way businesses operate. Almost any good or service can be sold or advertised online which is the reason why most companies have changed their strategies on how to advertise their products. The goal of internet marketing is to spread awareness of the business’ product and services.
Digital marketing encompasses a growing field of different strategies, like search engine optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and social media outreach.
Business owners and organizations are investing more and more money in marketing but with an emphasis on digital marketing because our society is getting more and more dependent on the Internet to provide information on just about any subject. The most top rated companies today are using some form of Pay-Per-Click advertising. This is the reason why advertising platforms like Google’s Adwords are bringing in on average more than 100 million dollars per day.
According to, Mobile Pay-Per-Click advertising is the fastest growing segment of digital advertising.

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There are numerous online marketing benefits:

  1. Businesses that decide to advertise online have a chance to present their products to millions of online users simultaneously.
  2. Online marketing brings traffic to your website. when the clients are happy with your product they can always come back to your website to purchase more or refer a friend and that is called free advertisement .
  3. Digital marketing generates high conversion rates .
  4. Digital marketing connects you with mobile consumers which allow them to connect with the business on the real time.

We have seen the grow of digital marketing for the last 5 years where it doubled since 2012.


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