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Cross Media Marketing - Annual Update

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Wave Zone Skimboards began as a custom surf shop in 1990. Jeff Shinham built his custom skimboards and surf boards in his back yard at the time. As his boards grew in popularity, Jeff was receiving orders from surf shops all over the state of Florida. Demand quickly grew and Jeff continually had to move into larger and larger locations. Today Wave Zone Skimboards can be found in hundreds of locations across the United States, and are sold online all over the world.


The surfing and skimboarding industries have unique customers with unique needs. To keep their fingers on the pulse of their customers, Wave Zone understood the need to have an impactful presence at popular industry tradeshows.  They needed to have informative brochures they could provide to booth visitors that present the attitude and personality of Wave Zone while conveying primary sales points to their customers:

- Handcrafted
- Made in the U.S.A.
- Variety and Individuality
- Superior Divinycell foam material
- Ability to purchase online


Bringing to the table years of experience as surf industry buyers combined with marketing ideas from the business sector, Jeff and his wife Lisa had some pretty specific ideas of what may and may not be effective. What they needed was talent in the specialized areas of print design and technology to put those ideas to work as an advertising design strategy.

Wave Zone Skimboards Brochure and Website 2008Using the cutting edge photos provided by Wave Zone, we designed an 8 1/2" x 11" brochure featuring their best selling designs.  The products were grouped in terms of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced for easy perusal, which is consistent to the layout of Wave Zone’s shopping cart categories.  This was extremely important for tradeshow attendees to easily transition from the printed piece to the website and intuitively find what they wanted on the website.

Wave Zone Skimboards Brochure and Website 2010Results

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Jeff and Lisa have come back to Webtivity every year to have their trade show collateral designed. Lisa maintains their brochures easily dominate the effectiveness of any others she sees. In fact, she has seen some companies try to copy her brochures in the past few years.

Here is what Lisa had to say about the benefits of cross media marketing:

"With a unique blend of wholesale and retail clients, Wave Zone Skimboards needs to provide high impact product information using multiple channels of delivery. Our website reaches many individual online customers and continues to be a truly generous profit center for our business. We recognize; however, the needs of our surf shop owners might be a bit different. These are the people who are spreading out paperwork over their desk or shop counter forecasting their skimboard sales, by the case, for a whole season."

"Our answer was to partner with Webtivity to establish a common identity between our web presence and our product brochures... maintaining the same high level effectiveness in both areas. There are strategic differences between the two to reach maximum impact, but each serves as a definitive springboard for the other. Whether our brochure or website is being viewed by a surf shop owner or a board rider they clearly know how the boards line up and what our company is about."

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