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Cappo Jim"Cappo Jim's" favorite time of the week was when he took his family to a local Italian café to get gelato and cappuccino. He got hooked on their delicious cappuccinos and decided to buy an espresso maker. After he started roasting his own beans, friends and family began purchasing his fresh beans and a new hobby was borne.

As interest grew, Cappo Jim tried selling his fresh roasted coffee beans on eBay but found it difficult to compete because the competition was setting their pricing too low. So Jim decided to add ancillary items like gold coffee filters, coffee presses and travel mugs and continued to expand inventory. His hobby started turning into a business as revenue grew. Ultimately Jim decided it was time to develop a real website and get serious.


At first Cappo Jim only wanted to sell his roasted beans on his new ecommerce website. He found it was a very difficult industry to break into. He was competing against companies with multi-million dollar advertising budgets and strong, well-known brands. He also found his bounce rate and conversion rates were undesirable. If he was going to make the most of his new investment he needed more help than what he was getting from his web designer.

Process Visitors 2008-2009After consulting with Webtivity Design Solutions, Cappo Jim realized he was running headlong into a brick wall with his approach. He had to find a way to bring customers in through the back door.

After we presented Jim with the results of our industry and keyword research, Jim realized he needed to start diversifying his product offerings on his website. In order to stand out he would offer niche, high-end, high-quality products but offer them at a competitive price. We would run strategic PPC campaigns based on our research to find highly searched products that would provide great conversions.

Jim also didn't have a contact phone number on the website, which we felt was harming his credibility and contributing to his high bounce rate. We also recommended some small layout, design and call-to-action changes to increase conversions.

Results Conversion Rate OptimizationJim now gets phone calls on his 800# from potential customers who tell him they find his website very easy to navigate, and they decided to buy from him because he has a phone number on his website. Some customers even tell Jim they bought products from him rather than because they wanted the personalized customer service. As Jim builds these relationships with customers who find him because of his coffee accessories, he finds they start also buying his freshly roasted coffee beans—which was his original goal when he came to us.

Cappo Jim's PPC campaign brings targeted traffic into his website and he receives conversions as high as 24% on some of his products. Website traffic has increased 835% and website sales have grown 312% since engaging Webtivity.

Cappo Jim is currently entertaining the prospect of redeveloping his entire website. He is currently using a hosted shopping cart platform which cuts into his profits every month. If he has his website developed on a portable ecommerce platform he won't be held to high monthly charges to "rent" his website.