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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Showing Your Customers What To Do

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Studies by InfoTrends show digital signage displays can generate up to 32.8% more in-store traffic and increase the average per-customer spend by as much as 29.5%. With the increased availability of high speed Internet connections and the affordability of LCD televisions, digital signage cannot be ignored any longer.

Digital Signage

With the capability to subsidize and even monetize your digital display by selling advertising space to your suppliers and strategic partners, traditional and more expensive advertising mediums such as television, print and radio become even less practical. Digital signage is one of the most targeted advertising vehicles you can use. You have interested customers in your storefront making a purchasing decision at the moment you are feeding them the sales messages you want to reinforce.

Our solution allows the flexibility of displaying your content for ideal readability in either landscape or portrait mode. We can also deploy video walls to deliver enormous impact. Instantly display dynamic information to cut through media clutter. Easily schedule and transmit unique content to be delivered to single or multiple displays from any web browser. Your digital ads are designed to impact customers and drive behavior.

There are many uses for digital signage to make it an effective part of your overall sales and marketing strategies. You can use digital signage to promote your:

  • Events
  • Rebates and special offers
  • Branded merchandise
  • Aging inventory
  • High-margin inventory
  • Website/eCommerce/Social media
  • …and sell ad space to your suppliers and strategic partners

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