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Your entire identity cascades from your logo. The colors, the fonts, the style... when potential customers look at your logo they get a distinct feeling about your company. Your logo can convey techie, sexy, exclusive, strong, trustworthy, whimsical, mischievous. Your logo is at the core of your brand, and it will be stamped on everything you do so it is imperative to have your logo professional designed by a company who can help you set an appropriate tone for your entire identity.

Logos can contain abstract or pictorial graphics or may only contain your company's name in a stylized font, which is called logotype. We will work with you to learn what type of logo you would like to explore for your company.

Basic Logo Package

includes one logo concept, up to one round of revisions stock abstract or pictorial graphics used

Intermediate Logo Package

includes three logo concepts, up to two rounds of revisions to one concept stock abstract or pictorial graphics used

Advanced Logo Package

includes five logo concepts, up to four rounds of revisions stock abstract or pictorial graphics used

Custom Logo Package

logo contains hand-drawn artwork or requires additional logo concepts

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