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In order to determine how much work will be required to operate an effective PPC campaign for your business, we must first analyze your competitors' campaigns and perform keyword analysis. Using this information we can determine the number of landing pages that should be developed and possible strategies for your campaign.

Some primary factors that determine the cost of your campaign are:

  • the competitiveness of your target keywords
  • the number of ads required
  • the number of landing pages required
  • your geographic targets (local, regional, national, or international)
  • the sophistication of your competitors' campaigns

What Do I Get?

The following components are measured using the tools provided by the search engine company to determine campaign effectiveness and measure campaign goals. Before starting your campaign, we will perform research to show you what your competitors are doing for their PPC campaigns, and what needs to be done to position your ads ahead of them.

As part of your campaign, we will perform an initial setup to create your ads and landing pages, and once your PPC campaign is launched we will continually make adjustments to your ads and landing pages as we monitor your conversion rates and return on investment.

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Campaign Reporting and Strategy Meetings

Any marketing campaign must provide measurable results. Pay Per Click marketing allows for accurate measurement of return on investment and is crucial for measuring the viability of your marketing campaign.

As part of your PPC campaign you will receive the following:

Initial Report:

  • keyword research
  • pool of up to 35 keywords recommended
  • market/competitive research
  • budget and strategy recommendations

Monthly Reporting:

  • competition report
  • conversion tracking
  • campaign effectiveness report
  • goal conversion statistics
  • overall campaign analysis and recommendations

Strategic Planning Sessions:

  • monthly face-to-face or telephonic session to review your campaign, make recommendations, and answer your questions.

There is a minimum 6-month commitment for PPC campaigns.

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