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Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

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We are all visual creatures and make purchasing decisions based on what we see. Your customers are no exception. When a potential customer researches your company online and compares your website to your competitors' websites, they form an opinion about your company. If your website looks tired, amateurish and held together with duct tape, that is the exact impression potential customers will form about you and your company. That is why hiring a professional web design company is imperative for the success of your company.

Custom Web Design

Professional Website Design

If your website is poorly developed from a technical standpoint it will not be search engine friendly, which means it will not rank well in the search engines. But developing a successful website isn't just a technical endeavor. While technology is certainly an important part of the equation, it's just the beginning of the story. You need to make sure when potential customers do arrive on your website they follow through and contact your company.

Professional web designers are trained how to use color, layout and hierarchy to evoke emotion, create demand, and shape the behavior of potential customers when they visit your website. You want website visitors to do something as a result of visiting your website: Call Now; Email Us; Buy Today. There is an art to shaping customer behavior and that is where the Web Design Team at Webtivity Design Solutions excels.

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Brand Consistency

Think about some of your favorite brands. What is it about them that sticks in your mind? Perhaps their logo? Tagline? Company colors? Companies go to great lengths to consistently advertise their brand in all advertising mediums and it is critical to their success. You are no different. Our Web Design Team will infuse your branding into your website design, print collateral, digital signage and all other aspects of your campaign. It is the only way you will make a lasting impression on your customers.

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Optimized Website Copy

Many do not realize website text is one of the most influential factors for the success of a website. Your copy is one of the most important determining factors on how well your website ranks in the search engines. Your copy also paints a picture about the quality of your company and helps convert visitors into customers. Our copywriters will infuse your website text with keywords and phrases identified by our SEO staff as highly searched in your industry. They will also be sure to impact your readers with a balanced combination of effective value proposition and call-to-action statements to assist with converting visitors into customers.

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A Comprehensive, Portable Solution

You're making an investment in a website, and that means you should own it and have the flexibility to move it to another provider if you become dissatisfied with our services. Many web companies try to lock you into proprietary software so you can't leave them. We prefer to keep our customers happy so they don't want to leave. And just like we want you to be a loyal Webtivity customer, you want people to find your company online and become a loyal customer. A website alone is usually not enough to accomplish those goals. That is why Webtivity Design Solutions offers everything you need for your Internet marketing campaign.

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