Keep in Touch & Drive Traffic to Website

Email marketing used in conjunction with a Blog can be extremely effective in driving traffic to your website, reinforce messaging and brand recognition. With email marketing solutions like Constant Contact, Vertical Response and MailChimp, it becomes very easy for you to keep in touch with your audience. As with all aspects of your Internet marketing, you must have a sound strategy in place for email marketing to be effective.

Email Marketing

Campaign Strategy

Before developing a strategy for your campaign, we first must work with you to understand your target audience and what type of campaign they may respond. We must provide engaging content and offers so they open and read your emails.

Types of Emails

  • Blog posts
  • Special Announcements
  • Sales or Offers
  • Newsletters
  • Holiday Greetings
  • Combination of above

Keep it brief and easy

Many people walk into it thinking they have to write a dissertation every week and include “Grandma’s Super Secret Cookie Recipe” in their email blast. The truth is, the longer your email, the more people are just going to delete it. Or worse, unsubscribe. If you keep the content on your Blog and use your email blast as a vehicle to get traffic to your content, you are going to be much more successful.

Email Campaigns

As part of your email campaign you will receive the following:

  • A WordPress Blog (various levels of customization available)
  • Integration of an email blast signup into your website, Blog and social media sites
  • Custom email blast template designed to match your branding
  • Coordination of email blasts to your subscriber list

What is measured?

The following components can be measured using the tools provided by your email blasting program to determine campaign effectiveness and measure campaign goals.

  • Number of opens
  • Number of unsubscribes
  • Number of bounces
  • Number of click-throughs