Website Design Process

New clients often tell us they selected our company for their project because we have a clear process in place and are able to commit to a timeline for their project.

An overview of the process you can expect for your project:

  1. Proposal/project scope finalization
  2. Content acquisition or copywriting interview
  3. Initial creative meeting to discuss design requirements/concepts
  4. Identity/ logo design (if required)
  5. Template Design
  6. Client review (Template revisions/approval)
  7. Website development/content layout/internal Alpha testing
  8. Client review (layout revisions/approval)
  9. Cooperative Beta testing
  10. Client training (if needed)
  11. Launch preparation and coordination with client
  12. Go-live
  13. Internet marketing plan launched

Webtivity Marketing & Design did a great job taking us from a concept for our website to an actual working business website. The process was simple: We provided the info and media we wanted them to use on the website and they formatted it into a working Word Press site. We were able to work with Brian to make changes to the site, making it very user friendly. This website will ultimately serve our business and future customers to obtain the BEST possible Yacht Charter vacation available at Our website looks and operates the way we want it to. We highly recommend Webtivity Marketing & Design for website development.

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a comprehensive, portable website solution

You’re making an investment in a website, and that means you should own it and have the flexibility to move it to another provider if you become dissatisfied with our services. Many web companies try to lock you into proprietary software so you can’t leave them. We prefer to keep our customers happy so they don’t want to leave. And just like we want you to be a loyal Webtivity customer, you want people to find your company online and become a loyal customer. A website alone is usually not enough to accomplish those goals. That is why Webtivity Marketing & Design offers everything you need for your Internet marketing campaign.

Brand Consistency

Think about some of your favorite brands. What is it about them that sticks in your mind? Perhaps their logo? Tagline? Company colors? Companies go to great lengths to consistently advertise their brand in all advertising mediums and it is critical to their success. You are no different. Our Web Design Team will infuse your branding into your website design, print collateral, digital signage and all other aspects of your campaign. It is the only way you will make a lasting impression on your customers.

Website Content

It is most helpful for the Webtivity team to have your website content (text and pictures) prior to beginning design/development of your website. Design decisions are made based on the amount and type of content you supply, and therefore we can be much more effective for you if these materials are procured at the beginning of the process.

Customer Support System

Webtivity Marketing & Design utilizes a web-based Customer Support System so our customers can transmit materials and requests directly to our team throughout our relationship. The system is utilized for your initial project and also after launch so you can communicate requests and changes using the monthly support time you receive bundled with your Support Plan. And of course if you need to call us, we also answer our phones, which is definitely not the norm in our industry.