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Sarasota, Florida is a unique city with unique customers. That’s why you need a professional Internet marketing and Sarasota SEO company that can get to the heart of your audience and convince them to buy from you. Webtivity Marketing & Design has been in business since 1999 and we serve clients in Sarasota and all over the state of Florida.

Making your Sarasota business unique

We are successful for our clients because we know how to ask the right questions, and how to obtain strategic information that will help differentiate your website from your competitors. We will work closely with you to evaluate what makes your business unique when compared to other Sarasota businesses, and how to use your Sarasota SEO to speak to potential customers. And as you probably already know, your SEO is only half the battle–you also need your website to be visible in the major search engines. We have the search engine optimization (SEO) expertise to get your website ranked in Sarasota and beyond.

The Sarasota Web Audience

If you want your website to target your local Sarasota audience, you must first make sure you understand the people who live in Sarasota and what motivates them when making purchasing decisions. How customers make purchasing decisions varies when comparing from town to town and industry to industry, so you’d better make sure your website is geared toward Sarasota residents if they are your target.

Sarasota was incorporated as a city in 1913 and was founded on the fishing industry long before anyone could imagine having to think about website design, or even something called the “Internet”. Owen Burns, John Rinling and Bertha Palmer are just some of the famous early names who made their mark on Sarasota and helped shape it into the impressive city it is today. Arts and culture, world-famous beaches, renowned restaurants and beautiful state parks are just some of what makes Sarasota such a special place.

The latest demographics show there are over 389,000 residents in Sarasota. Over 52% of Sarasota residents are female, which is slightly above Florida state average. Over 27% of Sarasota residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher education, which is again slightly above Florida state average. Almost 80% of Sarasota residents own their home which is almost 10% above Florida state average, and the median Sarasota household income is almost $50,000.00, which is slightly above Florida state average. The School Board of Sarasota County is the primary employer, with Saraosta County Government the second largest employer in Sarasota County. In third place is Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Why is it so important to know this type of information? Because to effectively market your company, you first have to understand who makes up the Sarasota market. Then you have to understand who in the Sarasota market may be interested in your product or service. With that information, Webtivity Design Solutions can help you develop a strong website design that will speak directly to that audience. Research shows you only have 6-8 seconds to make an impact on website visitors. That means if your professional SEO doesn’t speak directly to your target audience, you are missing opportunities to convert visitors to your website into customers.

A National Audience

So you say you’re targeting people outside of the Sarasota area? No problem. We will use the same tactics described above to make sure your SEO targets the demographic and type of buyers you’re seeking. Our experienced Sarasota SEO team will work closely with you to understand you, your company and your target audience so we can design a website that will be an effective sales tool. With proper planning and a strong Internet marketing company by your side, your website will pay dividends many times over.

What Else Do You Offer?

Webtivity Marketing & Design offers professional Sarasota SEO services and a wide array of related services to promote your company in Sarasota and beyond. You probably understand by now that simply having a website isn’t enough. You must have a solid Internet marketing partner who can also help you drive traffic to your website through organic search, paid searchlocal searchsocial media marketing, email blasts and print brochures.

Learn more about how you can leverage the powerful services offered by Webtivity Design Solutions:

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