The Power of Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) continues to increase in importance for local search rankings. This single-component controls where, when, and how well your business does in rankings close to your geographical area. The recent State of the Local Industry Report by Moz found that GMB elements are the most important factor in rankings, right behind Google reviews. The different components of your GMB profile dictate your appearance in search results for the highly valued “near me” keywords. In today’s SEO world, your GMB page is akin to your front door. Don’t leave it open or unattended or you risk losing the entire house!

Google My Business

The Rise of Google My Business

GMB is not a new tool in Google’s ranking arsenal. It includes components from Google Maps, Google Places, Google+ (now defunct), Google Local, and Google Business. As Google continues to push organic search results lower and lower on the page in preference for ads, GMB’s importance only continues to increase.

Google Communication Strategy

GMB is only one component of your communication strategy via Google to your clients. Check out the complete guide on communicating with your clients using Google from our very own Didier Bizimungu below.