Other Social Media Channels

Social media marketing does not end with the most popular platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a good starting point but they are not the platforms that can trump your products and services. Depending on your niche you may be served by focusing on the various “niche” social media channels below.

Social Media Channels

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the home of companies and professionals everywhere. If you’re looking to find career driven individuals or offer your services to other businesses, LinkedIn is your platform. It has its own built-in advertising offering to market to these individuals and entities.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is the place you want to be to reach a mostly female audience. With up to 335 million monthly active users with a high engagement ratio you can’t miss out on placing your business on this crucial social media platform.

Reddit Marketing

Reddit a lesser known social media platform that function’s as a social news aggregator and discussion website. It attracts a myriad of user who are broken up into sub communities called subreddits. These sub communities are based on user interest and differentiated content making it an attractive affordable platform to target users by subject.

Snapchat Marketing

The newish kid on the block is Snapchat. A social multimedia messaging app, it attracts users in the highly sought after demographics of 13 to 24 years old. Snapchat users are known for being taste makers with their friends and their parents making them a can’t-ignore audience for brand sand businesses.