Pay Per Click

Search Advertising aka Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are the “Sponsored Ads” that appear on search engine results pages. Each time someone clicks on your ad, you pay money to the search engine company, hence the name Pay Per Click. Some companies can leverage PPC ads to drive targeted search engine traffic to specially designed landing pages. These landing pages typically contain very strong call-to-action and inspire the visitor to take a specific action such as Buy Now, Email Us, Call Today, etc. If you have recently launched a brand new website, it will take time before your website will get ranked organically. A way to gain immediate exposure for your products and services is to leverage a PPC campaign to drive qualified traffic to your landing pages.

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Immediate Results

If you have recently launched a brand new website or don’t rank well organically, it will take time to get on the first page of search results. A way to gain immediate exposure for your products and services is to leverage a PPC campaign to drive qualified traffic to your landing pages. Even if you rank well organically, PPC is a way to get an additional listing on the first page.

Pay Per Click Campaign Strategy

Appropriate keyword research, competitor research and industry research must be performed before developing your PPC campaign strategy. Campaigns must be created which will not only entice potential customers to click on your PPC ads, but to also follow through and contact your company once they arrive at your landing page. Social media websites like Facebook are also doing their own version of Pay-Per-Click, and these sites can be a smart addition to your strategy.

PPC Landing Page Development

Visitors from a PPC ad should go directly to a optimized landing page on your website, rarely to your homepage. A specific landing page which converts the visitor by having them take a concrete, measurable action. Landing pages are call-to-action oriented and should directly relate to the ad from which the visitor arrived.

Google PPC Quality Scores

Many people try to run their own PPC campaigns. But what they don’t understand is that a campaign is assigned a “quality score.” The more optimized your campaign, the less you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. That means if you are not having landing pages developed for your campaign and you’re just taking click-throughs to your website, you are paying more than you should be. As part of your campaign Webtivity Design Solutions will optimize your ads and landing pages, and we will only run campaigns that are assigned high quality scores by the search engine company.

Conversion Tracking & Optimization

There is an art to writing effective PPC ads, and copy for your landing pages that will convince visitors to take action. Ad copy and landing page copy must be changed routinely to test its effectiveness and attempt to increase conversions. This is called A/B testing. has famously used A/B testing by constantly changing call-to- action text on their website as well as the size, shape and colors of their “Add to Cart” buttons.

Your PPC campaign’s effectiveness cannot be determined unless the proper analytics and conversion tracking are in place. If return on investment cannot be adequately measured, it is likely you are not operating an optimized PPC campaign. Webtivity Design Solutions will place analytics on all portions of your campaign and continually track and optimize your campaign to increase conversions.