Google Ads

Google Ads Advertising

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is the cream de la crème of internet advertising. It not the oldest form of digital advertising, but pound for pound it is still the most effective way to reach most of people online. Google Ads are the only way to reach the largest audience on the internet; Google searchers. Its size is also its downfall when used improperly Google Ads will drain your budget/funds with little to no return to show for it.

advanced keyword targeting

Advanced keyword targeting includes adjusting your keywords to match with the thoughts and intents of potential clients. Google Ads are delivered when the right “keyword” is typed into a Google search. As such keyword targeting is an integral part of a well-tuned Google Ads campaign.

Ad Copy

If keywords are the triggers to your ads, your ad copy are the billboards. They are the first glance potential clients see when searching for your products/services. A well-configured ad can make the difference between a client choosing either you or your competitor to fulfill your needs.


Google Ads Extensions

Extensions make your ads “pop”. They can include information such as your phone number, other pages on your website, your business address, and even special offers you may be running to attract customers. Ad extensions are the difference between drab and boring ad to an interact ad with a multitude of options to have a better chance at capturing that sale.


Display Ads

The Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide. It represents the perfect complement to Google Search Ads which reach the Google search audience. Display Ads represent a unique opportunity to paint a picture of your services/products that will have a lasting impact on your potential clients as they surf the web.


Conversion Tracking

What gets measured gets improved. Webtivity will setup conversion or lead tracking to ensure all of your Google Ads results are tracked from the launch of the campaign. We will then strive to continually increase the amount of conversions your ads produce will keeping your budget the same. Incessant improvement, that’s our promise.


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