Market to visitors after leaving your website

Remarketing offers a unique opportunity to reach your audience once they’ve left your website. Remarketing advertising can be targeted at either past website visitors or mobile app users. They are perfect for reaching a wide range of audiences who you know are already interested in your products. Advertising to your website visitors on major websites can make your company look larger and more reputable.

Remarketing online advertising

What is a Website Cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data that a website leaves on user’s computer in order to be able to provide a custom visitor experience for users. With remarketing, this cookie is used to display your ad to your website visitor when they visit other websites or social media channels that allow advertisements.

Display Ads

Your remarketing ads can run on almost anywhere on the web. They can be featured on news websites, search engines, and custom search engines. Placement is highly targeted and controlled to match your brand’s messaging.

Display Ads can be used in conjunction with remarketing to create a brand building combo that can’t be matched by anything else on the web. Video ads remind your potential customers that you are the brand to beat.

Remarketing Ads Placements

Previously, cookies were placed on computers without the knowledge or consent of the website visitor. Recent legislation now require websites to disclose the use of cookies. Some websites just warn the visitor of the use and by using the website they consent. Other websites actually make you accept the use of cookies on the website.

Webtivity Remarketing Campaigns

Webtivity Marketing & Design can incorporate a remarketing campaign in your search engine marketing and social media marketing campaigns. This way your website visitors will be reminded of your products and/or services. Your advertising to them on major websites can make your company look larger and more reputable.