Tag and QR Campaigns

Create a Marketing Campaign around 2D Codes

Quick Response (QR) codes were first developed in 1994 in Japan, but the popularity of smartphones has reinvigorated the technology and expanded how we are looking at ways to take advantage of it. You may have noticed Google Places has started taking advantage of QR technology so consumers can read reviews, leave reviews, or find coupons when they arrive at a place of business.

QR Codes Explained

Think of QR codes in similar terms as a Universal Product Code (UPC), except UPC’s can only represent numbers. QR codes can be used to represent text, web addresses and other data. Newer smartphones now include the scanning software necessary to take advantage of this technology, while a quick application download will integrate with older smartphones to enable QR functionality. Aim your camera phone at a QR code, and your smartphone does the rest!

QR Campaigns

When you decide to use QR codes for your advertising, you must build a campaign around your tags if you want your customers to find value in them. Any type of business can use this type of campaign:

  • realtors
  • restaurants
  • hotels/resorts
  • tourist attractions
  • retail stores
  • …anyone!!

And finally, if your website is not optimal for viewing on mobile phones, you should have a mobile website developed so people can easily obtain your information. If your website is not mobile-friendly people will not have easy access to your information and your campaign will not be successful.

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