Make Your Location Page Work for Your Business Website
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Make Your Location Page Work for Your Business Website

Every business is trying to jump to the top of Google’s search results. With everyone vying for that top spot, it’s important to take each page of your business website, and position it for the best results possible.  People are always searching for something “near me” and you can’t just keyword load “near me” or “close…


The Internet is Dead!

In the headline-driven web and the bumper sticker world in which we live, misinformation is all around us.  Bloggers and news websites write candy-coated headlines to try to entice the all-important click to their website, and information consumers are so inundated with noise they don’t take the time to truly read any longer.  In the…

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Turning away customers that are standing right outside your store

UPDATE: Buffalo Wild Wings has updated their site since this post was originally written. I’ve included an update at the bottom. Last Thursday I was craving some buffalo wings from my favorite wing place, Buffalo Wild Wings. Being Thursday I knew they were offering their “Boneless Thursdays” special. I just wanted to call in my…