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Online Reputation Management Case Study

There are no magic bullets in digital marketing, and anyone who claims to have one most likely has bad intentions for your marketing dollars. The online landscape has one avenue that comes eerily close to producing magic-like results for your marketing efforts. Online reputation management is an often-misunderstood critical component of an online marketing campaign.

The Stats

A recent study by ReviewTrackers found that 63.6% of all consumers check Google before patronizing a business. Search engines have recognized this consumer behavior and continue to increase the rewards, in the form of rankings, they give to companies with solid reputations.

The recent 2020 State of the Local Industry Report by Moz found that reviews are the second most important factor in rankings, right behind Google My Business elements.

Local Ranking Factors 2020 by Moz

Local Ranking Factors 2020 by Moz

Introduction to the Case Study

reputation case studyIn this case study, Webtivity will explore a recent client online reputation campaign from infancy to maturity. We will endeavor to be as comprehensive as possible with the details to present to you a clear picture of the power of reputation management to building an exhaustive lead generation funnel for a business.

Across the board, there is no other component that has the potential to supersize the returns to your business, regardless of your niche, like reputation management.

Online Reputation Management Case Study Breakdown

Client background

  • Local payroll services provider
  • Established local business
  • Long term client profile

Client Goals

  • Increase sales
  • Increase phone calls leading to sales
  • Increase form submissions

Converted Webtivity Strategic Goals

  • Increase organic search engine rankings
  • Increase high-quality traffic
  • Communicate results to the client

payroll processor company

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is the strategic pursuit of public and private customer feedback to nurture and maintain a positive brand name online.

The advent of the likes of Yelp, Angie’s List, and Thumbtack has brought to the forefront for business owners everywhere that reviews and references are still the most valuable currency of new business. In that manner, the online world is very much in line with the real world.

The Problem

reputation problemsThe client wanted more inquiries from potential clients. They were happy with their current consistent returns but wanted an immediately noticeable jump in clients who espoused Google as the original method they found the company. Before the online reputation campaign by Webtivity, they had a total of three reviews across the internet.

Campaign Strategy

Webtivity’s strategy in this case study focuses on two sources of reviews; current and past clients. We employed a strategy centered around engaging, and in some cases re-engaging, the client’s customers to provide feedback on their experience with our client’s services.

We use carefully crafted communications to encourage direct feedback of negative reviews to our client while stimulating positive reviews to be shared across third-party platforms such as Google, Superpages, and others.

Campaign Tracking

Results of a reputation campaign can be seen with an increase in local rankings, interactions with Google My Business, and increases in traffic. In this case, the emphasis is placed on the address, and phone number clicks on the client’s Google My Business page.

Online Reputation Management Case Study Results

The campaign period lasts from August 2019 to November 2019. As seen below in Figure 1, in that time the client’s total reviews went up from their original three to ten total reviews. That’s a 233% increase in reviews in just three short months! By comparison, it took the client nine years to gather three reviews.

online reputation management results

For a business their size, this is a significant jump in references from their clientele. Most importantly, compared to the previous four months, the period of August to November saw a 33% increase in the client’s GMB interactions from asking directions to their office to phone calls!

Case Study Conclusion

Online reputation management works. This case study represents a small snapshot of the possible results one can achieve with a strategic campaign focused on gathering client feedback. The rewards are innumerable from increased business to hearing from your clients directly on how you can improve your business.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s the client’s feedback on Webtivity’s efforts:

reviews client feedback

Prefer it short and sweet? Check out Webtivity’s handy online reputation management infographic below.

online reputation management infographic

This marks the end of our online reputation case study. If you are interested in garnering this type of result for your business, reach out to Tim at 941-753-7574 x107 or send us a message here.



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