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While many people are divided on the concept of Black Friday shopping and how it takes over Thanksgiving mindset, many can agree that Small Business Saturday is a day worth supporting.

Small Business Saturday is  a movement dedicated to the mom and pop shops- the brick and mortars that make up 27 million businesses in our economy. These locally owned and operated establishments also employ more Americans than their large corporation counterparts.

So, how can you support the movement? Take a stroll down your town’s main street or downtown on Saturday, November 28. Notice the small boutiques and cafes that line the neighborhood- whose owners most likely live a stone’s throw from you.

These shops carry the gems of gifts- locally made soaps, hand crafted jewelry, up-and-coming artists’ work, and the like. You can guarantee your gifts will be one-of-a-kind (and you won’t show up with the same bath and body set as your sister-in-law!)

Beyond small retailers, be sure to remember your boutique design, accounting, and law firms right in your backyard. These folks are invested in your community, because they also live and operate there. The money you spend here at home, recycles back into our sidewalks, schools, and public safety.

If you’re a small business looking to promote your own Small Business Saturday, be sure to promote any sales on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. (There’s a respected audience on each platform.) Invite friends and family to a “Holiday Open House” featuring your best offerings bundled, discounted, or with free gift-wrapping.

Make the shopping experience stupid-simple for your clientele. Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be complicated. You can achieve this with cute gift bags and tissue paper. Ask your customers if they’ve completed their holiday shopping, and if there’s anything special you can help them find. We can’t emphasize social media enough! Ask customers to check-in, hashtag, or share your events for a small in-store incentive. (Think free samples, small discounts, or coupons for their next visit.)


Here at Webtivity, we wish you and yours a safe and Happy Holiday!

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