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Dr. Jaime Gonzalez and his wife Susan Blake Gonzalez were the original owners of Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives. Switching gears and with the same mission of bringing holistic healing with a shamanic approach to animal companions, Red Fox Institute was born. With a revitalized and rejuvenated calling, while offering online consultation, the need for a professionally designed, cohesive website arose. Webtivity simply answered the call.

Living in the age of coronavirus, Zoom virtual meetings have become as normal as face-to-face meetings used to be. With that in mind, Red Fox Institute utilizes Zoom as a constant in their consultations with clients and their companions. WordPress mobile first design, PayPal integration, and Zoom meetings make Red Fox Institute’s website cutting edge and on the forefront of today’s internet technology.


About Red Fox Institute

Family owned and operated by Rev. Dr. Jaime Gonzalez DVM, CVA, MVZ, Suzan Blake-Gonzalez, and son, Jamie R. Gonzalez, Red Fox Institute was just recently founded in Sarasota, FL. Passion and love for their community and its animal companions power their practice with purpose and fulfillment.

In tandem with their practice comes their non-profit, The Red Fox Foundation, Inc. Helping animals is sometimes lost, especially during this human pandemic.  This foundation works to preserve a balance in nature for all animals. Stay tuned for ways that you can help this noble mission.



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Webtivity Marketing & Design – Contact

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Red Fox Institute – Contact

Rev. Dr. Jaime Gonzalez DVM, CVA, MVZ

Suzan Blake-Gonzalez

Jamie R. Gonzalez

Phone:  (941) 312-6825


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