And Credit to Customers

GoDaddy Customers received an apology email this morning which also contained a credit to their accounts.  Within an hour of the problems GoDaddy experienced on Monday, competitors such as HostGator were tweeting with relevant hash tags (e.g., #TangoDown) trying to lure angry customers away.  GoDaddy’s official explanation of the outage is that it was a technical issue, not a result of hacking as was the early social media rumor. 

We all know that no company is perfect, and when it comes to technology we rely on, it can be incredibly frustrating when a massive techno-failure occurs.  How a company responds during and after such an event often defines how they are viewed by their current customers and the public at large.  I’m not sure how many customers GoDaddy lost as a result of Monday’s outage, but as a customer I certainly appreciated the account credit that arrived in my inbox this morning.

You can click the screenshot at right to read the GoDaddy apology letter.



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