boost engagement on FacebookGetting users to engage on Facebook posts isn’t the easiest thing these days. With all the algorithm changes and the business page changes, the focus on groups, and messaging, it seems that paid advertising is the only way to go. But that isn’t always true. You can boost engagement on Facebook without paid ads. Here’s how.



Use Facebook Insights to Your Advantage

Facebook has an insights tool, this tool allows you to see what your users like about what you’re posting. Using those insights as a tool for future posts can help to improve your results moving forward, they can also help guide you as to how often and when you should be posting.


Use Questions

Have you noticed that people love sharing knowledge? If you can start a debate on your page it is sure to entice activity. The only thing you have to be sure to do is promptly answer questions. If there isn’t going to be someone around to be available to manage the Facebook page promptly, it probably isn’t the best idea. If someone is available, it’s a great idea. People love feeling like they’re a part of a bigger conversation, and that they’re being listened to. Facebook promotes popular content, so the more engagement on your posts, the better.

Different Ways To Engage Users

There are several ways to engage users on a business Facebook Page. Just be sure to stay within Facebook’s guidelines if you’re using giveaways or contests. Facebook has made it easier to have users interact with business pages. Some of the more popular ways to get users involved include:

• Videos
• Online quizzes
• Contests
• Watch Parties
• Live Videos
• Voting

Hopefully these tactics gave you some ideas for ways you can boost engagement for your Facebook Business page. For more tips and tricks read this article.

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