Building a brand isn’t easy. Branding is different from marketing, as marketing aims at encouraging someone to buy a product or service, where branding aims at creating loyalty and building a customer base. So yes, brand promotion is important. There are several key components to successful brand promotion, and yes, marketing is included.

Brand Promotion

Start with your website if your business has one. Be sure it contains relevant, useful content for its visitors, which will keep them coming back for more. Potential customers are more inclined to watch video, so maybe include a how-to video on your site, or a behind the scenes video of daily operations at your place of business.

Use all the social media platforms that are available to you, and that would be useful to your targeted demographic. People spend a lot of time using social media, and it’s free, so take advantage of this free advertising! Keep the message consistent with your brand, and use it towards how it will best suit your business.

Invest in paid marketing. Whether you choose to invest in SEO or PPC ads on Google, or even Facebook advertising, it will be money well spent.  If your brand isn’t the top brand in the area, people won’t know about it and these services will help get your business name out there. The easier it is for people to find you online, the more popular your brand will become.

Keep your brand message consistent across all forms of marketing. Use the same colors, the same fonts, and keep the message the same across all social media platforms, print, video, and on your website. This will make it easier for consumers to associate your brand with your message.

If you’re going to grow, you will need a plan. Effective marketing in today’s world requires reaching out across multiple platforms with an interesting and powerful message, while maintaining cohesive branding and messaging. It’s no small feat because it takes time and a solid marketing partner with experience in online and traditional marketing mediums. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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