Choosing Your Digital Marketing Company


MarketingFor most companies, online marketing is a no-brainer. The smart business owner knows that the internet is where today’s consumer lives. And what does every business owner want? To be on the first search results page on Google. Next stop – hire a marketing company. But who to pick?


Landing pages

Often, digital marketing companies will launch ads on your behalf that appear on search engines for keyword searches. This is a standard marketing practice. They are often even equipped with call tracking numbers to better track your business flow. But here’s the kicker. Where do these ads take the consumer when clicked? Does it lead to a page created within your own website? Or is this an offsite page that has a different URL than your website aka, NOT your website? While this method might score you a sale, it does not strengthen your SEO efforts. It also cancels out the ability to interest your customers in other products or services you offer as they will not actually be on your website where other information would be found. You’ve worked too hard on your site to have your ads lead elsewhere.

Be careful in picking a company to handle your campaigns. Make sure that they use landing pages on YOUR site! After all, you’re paying them to market your website, not theirs.


Social Media

MarketingGone are the days where Facebook naysayers are commonplace. By the end of 2016, Facebook announced that they had 1.86 billion users! That’s nearly one third of the entire planet! Instagram carries over 400 million users, Twitter and Google+, over 300 million.

Now, Google’s search engine algorithm has grown to consider websites that link back to social media. Be sure to look out for digital marketing companies that are aware of this change. Maybe even one that includes social media in a SEO campaign.


Case Studies

If you’re proud of your work, you share it. You talk about it. If you have a company in mind, visit their website. Do you see examples of their work? Case studies? Testimonials? A great company has great work to show off. Success stories are not too much to ask for when signing onto monthly marketing agreements.


Taking the time to question your digital marketing provider is key in sorting out the winners from the losers. Do your own research. Make sure they know what the newest marketing trends are and how they can use them to YOUR benefit.

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