Every so often we see a rash of “domain renewal services” notices that come to our clients so we have to do a PSA.  This is our latest.

These notices typically arrive by snail mail or fax.  They probably come by email too.  At first glance they look very official.  At first glance they also look like a bill to renew your web address (your www.)  However, if you take time out of your busy day to read it closely you will see statements like, “This is a solicitation… and not a bill…” 

You decide if it’s deceptive advertising or not, but by the number of “what’s this?” emails we get from our clients regarding these things they are at best very poorly designed and unclear….  One of our clients forwarded a sample solicitation they received so it is at right for you to view as an example (click to see a larger view).  However there are many companies that send similar advertisements.

Webtivity manages domains for many of our Clients, so they never have to worry about these types of solicitations.  Our clients who do manage their own domains need to be aware of these advertisements and should continue to do business with their registrar.


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