“We’ll give you a free trial!”

This is a scary one.  Search engine optimization entails a lot of work.  There is no one in their right mind who would give it away for free, especially at the beginning of your campaign.   There is a ton of research, analysis and setup required to get your campaign underway, so why would anyone risk doing all that work and then allow you to walk away with no commitment?

In order for someone to perform SEO services on your website, they must have access to very sensitive information.  And if you’re not very technically saavy, you may give away information you shouldn’t.  An SEO company needs to have “FTP access” to your website files, which means you’re placing your entire website in their hands.  You’d better trust them before giving them access- protect your website with as much fervor as you protect your social security number!

However, for this scam the dubious company may also ask you for access to your database and registrar account.  Now you’ve given them all your customer data and control of your web address too.  This is not necessary for SEO services!  You’ve just handed them the keys to your entire business and offered to help them carry the cash register out the door!  And if you’re working with a company outside of the U.S. you will have no recourse when they steal your website, database, customer information and domain name.

Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

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