“We submit your website to 1000’s of search engines!”

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?  Until you realize there are only a few places you have to submit a new website when it is launched.

The major search engines supply most other search engines (e.g., Dogpile, AltaVista, AOL, etc.) with their search results.   For the sake of argument, let’s call Google, Yahoo and Bing the “major” search engines.  Now that Microsoft has partnered with Yahoo, Bing will actually be providing the results for Yahoo searches.  While this cool little “search engine decoder” is out of date, it shows you origins of search results.

So, you can see that while an SEO company can tout  “We submit your website to 1000’s of search engines!” and it sounds impressive, it is not necessary. Once you submit your website to a few key places the rest of the search engines will automatically pick it up.  It is simply a marketing ploy.

I suppose this is an appropriate place to also mention that  “resubmitting” your website to Google is not beneficial to your rankings.   Once you have been indexed by search engines, they will automatically come back on a routine basis and recrawl your website.  If resubmitting your website will help you sleep at night then go ahead and rest well, but Google says it isn’t necessary.

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