“We don’t have to make any changes to your website!”

This is a favorite of “Blog spammers”.  They take your money and then spam links to your website on Blogs and other websites that allow comments or postings.  There are even Blog spammers who use automated programs to post links.  Yes, that’s right– you pay them all that money and then they just click a button and let an automated program run while they go to the beach. 

At the end of the month they show you a report of how many websites they have linked to you and tell you how hard they have been working….  but at the end of the day they are actually doing more harm than good to your website.  Google is very aware of these practices, and de-value these types of links coming into your website.  These practices can harm the “trust” of your website and impair your rankings!

The screenshot at right is a cropped view of a comments area on a prominent law school Blog that has not properly controlled and moderated their postings.   It shows how spammers set up accounts using their target keywords (e.g., “Villa In Bali”) and link out of the comments area to their websites.

The whole idea of link building should be getting your website linked on quality, trustworthy websites that can also drive qualified traffic to your website.  If your links are coming from spammy Blogs and porn sites (yes, that’s another bad tactic used in our industry) then you’re wasting valuable time and money.

So when an SEO company tells you they can “rank you #1 without making any changes to your website!” you can tell them the very first thing an SEO company should do for you is clean up the architecture of your website and optimize the content (text) and Meta tags on your website… because Google says so.

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