“I know someone at Google!”

Really?  You know someone at Google?  And they feed you proprietary information??  Even though engineers and employees in-the-know at search engine companies sign strict non-disclosure agreements?  And even though they would go to jail for disclosing company trade secrets, they still give you that information??  Wow, what a pal!!

True story time:  I used to make a daily morning stop at my local independently owned coffee shop for one of the best café con leche’s on the planet (before the bad economy hit and swept them out of business.)  Every morning I would see this guy sitting on his laptop doing everything from playing World of Warcraft to reading email to surfing New Egg for the latest gadget deal.

One morning he overheard the owner ask me how business was doing in the internet marketing world, and he looked up over his laptop and said, “Hey, I own my own SEO company!”

“No kidding”, I said.

“Yeah, I’ve been really successful too” he said, as he stroked his unkempt beard and muffin crumbs fell onto his laptop keyboard.

“No kidding”, I said.

“Yeah but I’m lucky because I have a friend who works for Yahoo and he keeps me up to date on everything that’s going on.”

“No kidding”, I said as I grabbed my world’s finest café con leche and headed out the door.

I miss those café con leche’s almost as much as I miss business integrity…


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