I was taking a poll the other day and one of the questions asked:
“Do you enjoy the trip more, or the destination?”

The question struck a chord with me, probably because of introspection I’ve started doing over the past few years as I (gasp) get older.  I find myself more often thinking about decisions I’ve made in my life, where I’ve come from, where I’m going…   “Trip, definitely”, I thought.  I’m the type of person who never quite feels like he’s arrived at a destination, because that implies there is nothing more to do.  And how boring would that be??

Back in 2006, ready to move out of the healthcare industry, I started looking for a job in the technology sector.  I had only lived in Florida a few years after having spent about 2 years trying to find a way here.  I was faced with potential decisions of moving to NYC to work for Yahoo, moving to Miami to work for Alienware.  Or take a job with a small internet marketing company in Bradenton that I felt had great potential and I could help grow.  Being a “trip” kind of guy I chose the latter and haven’t looked back.

This week marks the 4th year with our fearless leader and CEO Terry Thompson at the helm of the company.  With him he brought James Moore, one of the most diversely talented people I’ve met in the field.  The value the pair have brought to Webtivity aren’t quite quantifiable.  The scope and quality of services we can offer our clients is tremendous compared to when I first started working here.  But even though we’ve grown over the years I refuse to think we have ‘arrived’ anywhere, because I am a ‘trip’ kind of guy and I will never feel content that I’ve reached a particular destination.  So for now, I’ll take some time to reminisce about where we started–in a little house in central Bradenton–and where the next few years will take take us.  Ad multos annos!


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  1. Thanks Troy for the kind words. We have a great team that keeps growing with more great talent. No we have not arrived! We have just begun this great Webtivity journey. We have some changes coming in the near future which will make it an even greater adventure. Thank you and the rest of my great team for a tremendous four years and look forward to many more.

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