Unique Soy Candles With A Message

When Waxpressions Candle Co. came to Webtivity Designs they had spent a fair amount of money having a website developed overseas.  But it didn’t capture the look and feel they were trying to achieve so they were seeking a company to help them improve their design.  Once we evaluated their website we became the unfortunate bearer of bad news: the website was not PCI Compliant and could not be used for selling their products online.  That means customers would have been submitting their credit card information in an unencrypted fashion and would have put Waxpressions Candle Co. at significant risk for large fines from credit card companies if credit card data had been compromised.

(PCI Security Standards are developed by an independent body that was created by the major payment card companies.  They recommend best practice methods of handling customer credit card data and promote information security.  You can read more about PCI Standards here: www.pcisecuritystandards.org)

Unfortunately these stories are all too common in our industry.  Even worse in this case, since the website was developed overseas there was little recourse but to start anew.  However the bright side of this story is that Jill Keene, owner of Waxpressions Candle Co., has great products, unmatched energy and vigor, and was ready to do things right.

The outcome is a classy, professional website that promotes her three soy candle lines:  Radicandles, Politicandles, and the core Waxpressions line.  These unique 100% American-farmed soy candles are hand-poured and come with a variety of messages on the label to fit any occasion.  You can find more traditional Birthday and Get Well messages, or choose from a selection of more fun and racy messages in the Radicandle line.  For the political junkies in your life you can find a Politicandle with a message that will fit any political persuasion.

And of course most importantly, the website meets PCI Security standards to protect all the hard work Jill and her sister Jessica have put into their growing venture.

Now what are you waiting for?  Go purchase some candles from Waxpressions!



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