V&L Crafts supplies individual shark’s teeth and shark’s teeth jewelry to gift shops, aquariums and museums all over the world.   Over 20 years ago they started as a home-based business, collecting shark teeth from the beaches of the Florida Suncoast to make into necklaces and earrings, which were then sold to local shops and restaurants. As demand grew, they discovered diving for teeth was more productive than simply walking the beach. When demand again outpaced their own collecting methods they increased yield by developing an industry in Morocco, where fossil shark teeth are by-products of the local phosphate industry.

As they grew and began cultivating customers all over the world, V&L Crafts needed a better way to connect with their customers. Their previous website did not allow visitors to purchase directly from the website, and products were displayed in PDF’s for download which is not great for search engines or user experience.  The goal of this project was to develop a shopping cart solution that would allow retail and wholesale purchases from the website, with a primary focus on the wholesale audience.  Wholesalers can be assigned to specific categories based on their buying level, which will allow the shopping cart to automatically calculate discounts based on their level.

Users “check out” their order on the website and an invoice produced and emailed. The UPS Real-Time Shipping module was installed to calculate shipping.  A “Wish List” module was also installed so customers can store their favorite items to make re-ordering more convenient.

V&L Crafts is an international business with over 4,000 square-feet of warehouse/office space in Nokomis, FL.  In addition to shark tooth jewelry they sell a variety of fossilized shark tooth gifts, from educational sets and key chains to loose individual or bagged shark tooth fossils.  With the launch of their new website they can now serve their customers in a more efficient and professional manner, no matter which timezone their customer resides.

Note: All teeth are fossils; no sharks are harmed to create their products.

For more information on V&L Crafts please visit their website:


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