Marketing Gone Bad

It seems like I’m always writing about the bad stuff in our industry.  But we see it everywhere and people fall for this stuff all the time!  If no one fell for ‘Nigerian Lottery’ and ‘Guaranteed #1 Ranking on Google’ scams all of it would simply disappear and the world would be a much better place.  But the sad fact seems to be that P.T. Barnum was right.  Or maybe that’s too harsh.  Maybe people just like to be told what they want to hear?

To protect the readers of this Blog post I am not going to link to the website we found yesterday, because rest assured someone would go there and end up buying from this company.  You can look at the screenshot at right if you like, but I warn you:  I felt like I needed a shower after looking at this website.

This website purports to get you “Unlimited Top 3 Rankings in 23 Minutes!”  Sorry friends, but that is impossible.  If you are launching a brand new website we have seen it take over a week before it gets indexed by Google.  There is nothing you can do to expedite the process of getting your website to show up in the search engines for the first time.

Our guess is this company is going to open a Pay Per Click account for you and try to tell you that your website is #1.  Well, it’s #1 in the Paid Advertising (Pay Per Click) section–not in the organic listings.  That is what one might label deceptive.  It is definitely designed to take advantage of people who are not informed.

If you want to hear that you can launch a new website today and be #1 in Google tomorrow I will give you this company’s phone number.  Let me know how it works out.

If you want to hear the truth about SEO, read on.

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