Today I was on a call with a client based in Ohio and he said something that reminded me why I come to work every day.  “Almost all of our competitors from when we first started working together have gone out of business.  What you guys have done for us has helped us stay in the game.” Smiling Breakfast

Wow.  What a compliment!

I was smiling but didn’t quite know how to respond.  “Well that’s very nice of you to say,” I think I finally said.

Of course we can’t take all the credit, and would never suppose to try.  Their company constantly investigates bringing new products to market, seeks new strategic partners, looks for ways to diversify, stays in touch with their customers and strives to provide the best products and services possible.  Sometimes companies that don’t do all those things look to agencies like ours to be miracle workers while operating on a shoestring budget and being intransigent in how they are positioned in the marketplace.  We will never be a good fit in those situations.

But when we can partner with smart, forward-thinking businesses magic can happen!  And that makes me smile and feel like I’m doing something worthwhile in the world.

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