If Disney spent a Billion–yes with a B–dollars on an initiative, you should probably pay attention, right?  (That’s a trick question, the answer is Yes.)

What did they spend all that money on?  Friction reduction.  That means they are trying to make it easier to do business with them.  They want you to get you through the most potentially mundane and frustrating parts of your trip to the Magical Kingdom as seamless as possible, and insure they are truly the Happiest Place on Earth.  And they’re doing it with technology, of course!Disney MagicBand

You may not care about magical MagicBand wristbands and how it helps them identify patrons by name as they approach the gate, personalizing the experience.  You may not care the Magical Wristband allows you to order your meal before you get to the restaurant and be able to sit down as soon as you get there and have your food find you not long after you sit down.  You may not give a rip that the technology of the MagicBand can allow Disney to track how you interact with their parks, giving them business intelligence and reduce choke points in the park and make your future experiences less congested. 

However, you should care about the broader point that the MagicBand helps customers have a more personalized experience, as free from friction as possible. 

Now I challenge you to think about what frictions your customers experience when they: visit your website; call your office; visit your store; pay for services; receive customer service; etc.  The more friction customers have through the process of doing business with your company, the more likely they will look for a more frictionless place to do business.  Put yourself in your customers’ Mickey Mouse flip-flops from time to time and walk a mile in their shoes.  How easy it is to do business with your company?  The insights you gain could be priceless!

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* Just in case you’re wondering this isn’t any type of sponsored post and we aren’t receiving any remuneration for this post–we’re just technology fans talking about cool ways that cool companies are using it!

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