Using Video for Education and Trust

During our first conversation with Steve Lavely, a Personal Injury Attorney with Lavely & White, P.A.,  Mr. Lavely expressed concern about the reputation attorneys have, and how many attorney referral services are harming his industry.   As a result he wanted his website to be an educational resource for potential clients and he wanted to teach website visitors how to best choose a reputable attorney.

During our planning meetings with Mr. Lavely we mutually agreed video could be an extremely powerful vehicle to meet these goals.  Not only could video be used to educate website visitors and help build trust in that manner, but also for video testimonials.  Having your clients sing your praises on video can have tremendous impact for website visitors making a purchasing decision.  Especially in an industry where trust may be lacking.

Watch Mr. Lavely discuss Lawyer Referral Services:

More videos about how to choose an attorney can be found on their website.

About Lavely and White, P.A.
Attorney Steven Lavely is Board Certified in Civil Trial and has been lead trial counsel representing thousands of plaintiffs in all types of injury cases, including catastrophic injuries. Attorney Matt Whyte is Board Certified in Criminal Trial and experienced in personal injury cases, having tried many felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. Matt is a former insurance company lawyer, so he is also familiar with the tactics insurance companies use. Together, they have tried hundreds of cases, both jury and non-jury.

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