Does It Have to be Such a Wild Ride?

In last week’s blog post I talked about the wider adoption of ecommerce and how rapidly it has grown over the past few years.  This week I would like to explore the topic further.

Anyone familiar with our market has heard people talk about “season”, which is when tourists, snowbirds and spring breakers flock to our beautiful corner of the world.   I remember back in the good old days when some business owners looked forward to the slow season so they could take long vacations and enjoy having extra spare time to pursue hobbies.  I haven’t heard this sentiment as much over the past few years.

Instead I hear concern about whether “season” will be good enough to sustain businesses through the slow months.  Finding a way to stabilize revenue can be quite a challenge in a state where tourism is such a crucial part of our economic livelihood.  But many businesses don’t realize they have the unique ability to stay in touch with their customers even after they’ve returned home: ecommerce.

We have such unique shops and boutiques with distinctive personalities that draw people back to our area year after year.  Some of these businesses can leverage the relationships they build over time and sell their products online to their customers long after they’ve returned home.  Who wouldn’t want to explore the opportunity to stay busy during slow season?  All you need is a trustworthy ecommerce website… and a smart marketing plan.

Besides email marketing, plastering your web address on everything you can think of and shouting from the rooftops about your ecommerce website, there are other tactics you can use to remarket yourself and increase online sales.  Next week I will talk about a great way to stay in front of people using advanced Pay Per Click tactics.

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