Leveraging Google’s Display Network

Ecommerce has been one of the bright spots in our bad economy, growing at a rate of 12.6% in 2010.  It can be a great way for businesses to stabilize revenue during traditionally slow times.  But ecommerce website owners are often at the mercy of an online marketing consultant who doesn’t understand how to truly help them stand out in a crowded online world. 

Many can guess the basics of what you need to be successful with ecommerce:  well-designed PCI-Compliant website; feature-rich shopping cart; Analytics tracking and analysis; Search Engine Optimization; and yes, Pay-Per-Click (PPC).  Even though PPC has started getting a bad rap because of the way some internet marketing companies and large media companies run campaigns for their clients, it is a tool that should be examined for your internet marketing if leveraged properly.

Besides the traditional text ads that display on a Google results page, you can also create banner ads that appear on Google’s display network.  That means your ads will be shown across all Google properties and their partners’ websites.  You may have seen this in action but didn’t realize what was happening.

Have you ever visited a website (let’s say Apple.com for example) and then went to another website and saw an ad from Apple?

Strange coincidence, right?  Wrong.

When you visited Apple’s website, a “cookie” was dropped on your web browser, and when you arrived on CNN.com, it triggered an Apple ad for you because you were just on their website!  You may have heard the mantra that it takes people about 10 or so exposures to your company before they purchase from you, so this type of remarketing can be extremely effective if done properly.

Conversely, if someone is running your campaign who is not seasoned with advanced PPC tactics, it can be very easy to burn through budget needlessly.  If you explore this option for your company make sure you are working with someone you can trust!


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