2011 Year in Review

Our clients trust us with their internet marketing, a task we take with great pride and the sober understanding that they are relying on us to help them grow their businesses in a tough climate.  There is a lot of noise in our industry, and our approach isn’t about taking shortcuts and trying to game the search engines.  Our approach is about doing things right, so instead of wasting resources playing a constant cat-and-mouse game with the search engines we focus on helping our clients build a growing portfolio of business.

As part of our annual internal review we analyzed all of the SEO campaigns we managed through 2011.  Part of our analysis revealed that our SEO clients during their peak business times saw an average 280% increase in non-paid search traffic (in other words, does not include AdWords traffic for those who also have PayPerClick campaigns).  Perhaps even more importantly, website traffic increased and was more stable during times that are historically considered off-season in their respective industries.  We’re all familiar with the seasonal nature of many businesses in the local market, so being able to stabilize those traditionally down times can be the difference between a business that thrives versus a business stuck in survival mode.

We receive calls all the time from business owners who are transitioning their marketing budgets from phone book and other forms of traditional advertising to internet marketing.  And we get calls all the time from businesses who have been let down by their internet marketing consultants.  If you’re one of those people looking for more and you’re ready to make the investment necessary to be successful, we would love to fill that void for your company.  Hand in hand, we can grow together in 2012!

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A Happy and Prosperous New Year to All!

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