Normally I Blog about industry-heavy topics and techno-stuff.   So while I could be writing about the fact that your phone provider is documenting your every movement with your GPS, I was inspired instead to do something a little different this time around.

Earlier this week I attended a presentation, and the presenter is obviously passionate about his career and loves what he does.  During his presentation he conveyed something that really resonated with me.  He said besides loving the field he is in, what intrinsically drives him is finding solutions for his customers that help them be more successful.  There are many motivators that keep people going back to the same job every day.  Some simply want more money; some enjoy “closing the deal”; some like helping the disadvantaged; some enjoy crunching numbers.  As I sat in the audience and listened to the presenter I evaluated my own intrinsic motivations.  I realized that while I have always loved marketing and technology, what drives me is figuring out how to make our clients’ businesses more successful.

Not just the end product of helping a business be more successful, but also all the parts involved in the discovery process:  meeting the people involved with their company, learning about their business and industry, helping them think about what positions them against their competitors and how to leverage those advantages… and of course, how to build the better mouse trap using online marketing tactics.

In my years with Webtivity I have met and worked with hundreds of people from all backgrounds and from every industry you can imagine.  It is especially enjoyable when I can borrow something I learned from one industry and apply it to another.  Sometimes when you are “in the bubble” you don’t always have exposure to ideas and tactics used in other industries that might be successfully applied to your industry.

So there you go.  That’s what makes me feel satisfied at the end of a hard week of work, and that’s what I consider to be the Fun part of my job.  What drives you in your line of work?


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